Rainbow Beach Amateur Anglers inc (RBAA) is a  family-oriented club, we love Rainbow Beach and we love fishing.

We are dedicated to keeping our beaches and waterways clean and clear of rubbish, especially plastics.

We need your help to achieve this. Collect Rubbish and you’ll also collect points. (see details below)

How to participate in this litter clean-up program

Note: If you are collecting microplastics, it will be very hard to fill an entire bag.

It’s okay to drop off a small bag to the tip however it’s important to fill out your collection sheet to ensure we know the amount of microplastics that were collected.


Collect a bag of litter (shopping bag size) or 50 pieces of microplastic anywhere in the Rainbow Beach and Cooloola Recreation area and take it to the Rainbow Beach Waste Management Facility (Rainbow Beach Dump).


Complete a litter collection form (available at the Waste Collection Facility or download the form HERE to record the types of litter you find & tally the pieces.


Take the litter & completed collection form to Rainbow Beach Waste Management Facility, Kurrawa Drive.


The staff will weigh the bag and record the weight on the litter collection form.


Bring the completed litter collection form to the next Rainbow Beach Amateur Anglers weigh in and you will be allocated 1 point for that competition.


Alternatively, take a photo of the litter collection sheet and email it to rbaafishing@gmail.com prior to the competition closing time of 12:00 noon.


Rainbow Beach Amateur Anglers to launch an expanded Junior Program for 2024

The RBAA Junior Program 2024 will provide an opportunity for children with an outdoor educational experience that will give them the skills and knowledge to; Explore the beach safely, Fish sustainably, and appreciate the natural environment while having fun and being mentored by experienced teachers and local fisherman.
The program will help equip young fishers with skills they will use over their lifetime.

The program will be comprehensive providing a mix of theory and practical experience associated with recreational beach fishing in the Cooloola Recreation Area including:

  • Beach safety, tides, beach conditions & hazards, traffic awareness
  • Sun protection, avoidance & treatment of Bites, Barbs and Stings
  • Bait collection & preservation – pippies, worms and yabbies
  • Rod, Reel and Tackle selection & preparation, knot tying and rig preparation
  • Fishing spot selection – Tides, Moon Phases & Gutter identification
  • Fish & Crab Identification – Legal Lengths and Bag Limits
  • Fish & Crab catch, release & preservation
  • Rubbish and waste removal

The program will be delivered by the clubs Junior Mentor and Assistant both are accredited and experienced teachers.
The program will be open to boys and girls between the ages of 10 to 15 years.

The club will expand its Junior Program to educate junior fishers, conducting 4 sessions over the next 12 months:

3rd August 2024 – Introduction to Fishing & Crabbing
23 November 2024 – Being a Better Angler
22 March 2025 – Rods, Reels and Tackel
23 -25 May 2025 – Beach Fishing Camp

Each session consists of a theory lesson followed by a hands on activity at a suitable location in the Cooloola Recreation Area. Each participant will receive a Fishing Shirt, Hat, Water Bottle and the opportunity to attend a 3 day 2 night fishing camp staying at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club Accommodation.

For more information please email rbaafishing@gmail.com

The RBAA’s Junior Program is funded with the assistance of the Department of Agriculture & Community as part of their Community Grant program.

Kids Day Group
Juniors at the beach
Juniors Class
Kids Day Group

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