The Cedric Byrne Memorial Cup

RBAA invites amateur fishing clubs from all over Queensland to compete for the prestigious Cedric Byrne memorial cup. This is an annual event.

Held in idyllic Rainbow Beach over the 2nd weekend in September each year, the competition caters to Inshore & offshore fisherman and encourages clubs to work as a team sharing information and bonding in the process. September generally provides stable weather with cooler temps and bright sunny days, not to mention exceptional fishing inshore, offshore and along the surf beaches. 

Participating clubs meet at the comp Briefing held on the friday evening over drinks and dinner to discuss current conditions and fishing reports with the comp kicking off with a honour start Saturday morning at 4am. Weigh in is held on the Sunday at 1pm where each participating clubs top 10 points scorers are tallied to determine each clubs total aggregate score for the weekend. A perpetual trophy cup presentation follows recognising the winning club as custodians until the following year’s contest.

 Why the Cedric Byrne Memorial Cup?

Cedric was an inspirational club and competition fisherman and founding member of Rainbow Beach Amateur Anglers (RBAA). A true fisherman and gentleman, He achieved more than most ever will in competition circles. Although throughout his life he dabbled in the offshore scene he definitely made his mark by dominating the surf beaches and was well known as an expert Tailor Fisherman.

Throughout his life, Cedric amassed a collection of trophies from the majority of surf fishing comps in QLD and was extremely well known as an outstanding fisherman. A die hard fisherman not much would stop him and he would fish through any weather until the comp was finished. Not afraid of sharing information Cedric would often tell you the exact gutter he had just caught a winning Tailor from but then turn to you with a grin and say “you can only catch a fish once” knowing he had already beaten you to it. 

Cedric Bryne passed away mid 2022 and is dearly missed by the club and all who knew him. His love of surf fishing and built in competitiveness saw him competing ( and winning ) until his last days. The memorial cup is awarded in his honour each year to the highest points scoring club. As custodians, the winning club will hold the cup until next year’s competition. The cup signifies the effort, patience and skill it takes to win.