As a social club we aim to provide interesting and frequent trips throughout the year.

Points System & Competition

RBAA has developed and employed a unique length based points system and our club’s own bag limits to create a challenging and sustainable format that ensures members get the maximum amount of fun while fishing our monthly comps. 

We cater to all ages and experience levels with our goal being to create better anglers. Our format is designed to push members to target multiple species over a set comp period. Club members must think outside the box and learn different techniques thus becoming better allround anglers. RBAA’s format also strongly encourages quality over quantity with our own club minimum lengths and max bag limit per species set at 5. 

Each month there are junior and adult trophies on offer, we also select seasonal species in addition to the regular comp as added targets for members. 

The competition calendar ends with the annual Christmas awards night in December each year where the following yearly trophies are awarded.


Junior Competition

  • Junior Club ChampionPerpetual Shield & Trophy
  • 2nd Place Runner UpTrophy
  • 3rd Place Runner UpTrophy
  • Young Gun AwardTrophy

Encouragement Award Certificate

Adult Inshore Competition

  • Inshore Club Champion – Perpetual Shield & Cup
  • Most Inshore PointsPerpetual Shield & Trophy
  • 2nd Place Runner UpTrophy

3rd Place Runner Up Trophy

Adult Offshore Competition

  • Offshore Club ChampionPerpetual Shield & Cup
  • Most points OffshorePerpetual Shield & Trophy
  • 2nd Place Runner UpTrophy

3rd Place Runner Up Trophy

Best Female Angler – Trophy

Cedric Byrne AwardPerpetual Shield

Verminator AwardPerpetual Trophy

Broken Reel AwardPerpetual Trophy

High N’ Dry AwardPerpetual trophy

Catch & Release Flathead Trophy

Overall Heaviest of Species Trophy’s

  • Whiting Trophy
  • Bream Trophy
  • Swallow Tail Dart Trophy
  • Tarwhine Trophy
  • Tailor Trophy
  • Flathead Trophy
  • Jew Trophy
  • Mangrove Jack Trophy
  • Mackerel Trophy
  • Tusk Fish Trophy
  • Grass Sweetlip Trophy
  • Pearl Perch Trophy
  • Snapper Trophy

Red Emperor Trophy

Note: Junior competitor minimum sizes match the current Qld Fisheries legal limits, i.e., Sand Whiting 23cm